I just got finished reading a really fun story by T.J. Lantz, Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague. I have to say it was really enjoyable.

The story itself is suitable for children of all ages, it would make a great bed-time story and T.J.’s characters really help to capture the imagination, much like Enid Blyton did for me when I was younger.

At 38 I should probably be ashamed to say I really enjoyed this story but to be completely honest I am not. I really think this has the potentional to become a really great series of short stories.

The adventures of Gnipper could be the next great thing in children’s entertainment and I would be happy to see this develop even further, perhaps with longer stories and more indepth adventures. The story actually builds a little past for the character too which is great, so maybe a couple of prequels exploring those particular adventures would be good.

For me there was only one downside, and it was a very minor one. The copy…

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